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Michelle Lee’s 25 plus years of broadcasting has brought her full circle from creating her own radio station in the backyard to her very OWN ONLINE STREAMING STATION! You can find MICHELLE LEE ON AIR through the LIVE365 streaming platform – it is offered to you 24/7, free of charge, full of an awesome blend of bluegrass and country music (classic to today), and of course, Michelle Lee herself. You are also able to live stream the station straight from her website,

MICHELLE LEE ON AIR will bring you a gospel hour on Sunday mornings, the Bluegrass Borderline Top 10 Weekly Countdown 13 times a week, and six days of the Smoked Country Jam & Bluegrass Borderline radio show. Between actual show times, your ears will be filled with country and bluegrass music from the finest artists in American music. You will also hear one-on-one interviews, Stories Behind The Songs, and so much more. Make sure to visit the website, , often to stay up-to-date on show schedules and news!

Over the last few years Michelle Lee, known for her extreme dedication to all bluegrass and country music artists and fans, has continued working hard on developing new ways of sharing the great music. As a multi-award nominee and winner of Broadcaster of The Year for IBMA (2019) and SPBGMA (2022), Michelle Lee has always made it her goal and priority to give the best show and music to all her fans as much as she can. Lately, that goal has exploded, and she has created more opportunities of expanding her reach within the music community. As things have come together over the past few years, Michelle Lee feels that it is time to share WITH ALL OF YOU her newest accomplishments and journey.

Building the foundation of her new endeavor, Michelle Lee set out to accomplish a few more aspirations. In 2020, Michelle Lee brought you the website ( ) that provides a quick and easy way to communicate with her and access archived interviews. Having the platform of the website and the world-wide reach as a broadcaster, Michelle Lee’s desire to help artists kept tugging at her heart. During the drive home from the 2021 IBMA Conference, Michelle Lee and Marsha began turning the question of ‘how we can help artists’ into a plan of action. In January of 2022, Michelle Lee started the Artist Spotlight. This puts the artists in the forefront and gives a glimpse of who they are as an artist/non-artist. Earlier this year, 2023, Michelle Lee started the Album Release Spotlight to help spread the word of new albums or singles. The review is completed after listening to every song, reading the lyrics, and reviewing the list of all artists on the album.

On the MICHELLE LEE ON AIR streaming station, the Artist and Album Release Spotlights both have commercials and songs off their album(s) aired throughout the month. The spotlights are also found on the website ( ) and linked to the artists’ website. Since the start of these services, Michelle Lee has received messages from the artists sharing with her how they have seen an increase in website traffic, increase in merch sales, calls from festival promoters and/or have noticed more downloads of their songs.

Experiencing success with the Artist and Album Release Spotlight, Michelle Lee felt it was time to bring out the next idea she had been envisioning, the Stories Behind the Songs. Michelle Lee shared that, “after hearing a new song, Marsha would always ask, wonder what the true story is, how did they find out about this story in history, where did they come up with that idea, is the story of the song true or fiction, and etc. So, I mentioned to her that the only way to truly find out was to ask the artists themselves.” Doing the Stories Behind the Songs has truly brought that vision alive. Instead of another article, Michelle Lee decided to do it in an interview format with the artist and go song by song through their album. Michelle Lee stated, “I am having tons of fun doing these and continue to find it amazing how much the story behind a song can enhance the emotion of a song even more”. After just a few months, the response of Stories Behind the Songs has been astonishing. Michelle Lee feels that she is doing something right since one of her fans stated that “I love the shows and have bought numerous CDs because of them”.

While all of these features have been successful, they have also been steppingstones to the ultimate objective. It is the perfect time to tell the entire bluegrass and country community of how Michelle Lee’s hard work, dedication and determination has changed her DREAM into REALITY!

In preparation for the announcement to all of you, Michelle Lee launched the station about three months ago and had a hand full of folks listening. Those included (label executives, artists and family/friends) who have had the opportunity to listen had the following to say:

“Michelle Lee’s new online radio station is what we all have been missing. This perfect blend of bluegrass and country where you can hear a wide variety of artists and you never need to change the channel because everything you love is in one place. Leave it to Michelle Lee to give us the radio channel we didn’t know we needed. It’s awesome!”

“If you’re looking for a new way to find the old school, get great music in one channel, listener experience, you owe it to yourself to tune in to MICHELLE LEE ON AIR station through Live365. It’s the great blend you crave out of the ten stations you currently jump between on the FM dial, all in one place, and the DJ happens to be knowledgeable and happening too!”

“Michelle Lee has done it again. She has brought her award-winning broadcasting to a new format, Live365! Presenting the programming excellence that she has become so well known for. Michelle Lee continues to serve both the bluegrass and country music community with an engaging song selection while bringing new listeners to the genre. I expect MICHELLE LEE ON AIR through Live365 to give her an award soon just as the Bluegrass community has been doing for years!”

“Michelle Lee On Air is AWESOME!!! It is exactly what I have been looking for in a radio station – country and bluegrass all in one place! It definitely made my drive time much better. I cannot wait to see how the station will evolve through the next few months/years.

“Michelle Lee has really done an amazing job – her passion for her work truly shines through the station. I will be suggesting to EVERYONE to check out and listen to MICHELLE LEE ON AIR!”

“Best station I have heard in a long time! It has an excellent blend of the classic to current country and bluegrass music all in one place!”