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Album Release Spotlight – Ashby Frank

Back in 1999, Ashby Frank released his debut album. As a musician spending many days on the road driving from one microphone to the next as a mandolinist, singer and songwriter is something that is normal, but it can make time go by fast. After almost 25 years, Ashby Frank is bringing out a lot of saved stories and ideas to release his first full-length album with Mountain Home Music Company. This album definitely demonstrates how his unique sensibility and focus towards developing the vision he had for the project.

Frank stated “When I decided to make this album, I knew I wanted to gather songs that meant something to me and represented my musical journey. I also wanted to make sure that I recorded a variety of songs, including a couple of the quirkier tunes that I’ve been known to write.” The musical journey can be heard throughout all the tracks on the Leaving Is Believing album. I heard or felt a mixture of soulful, country, humor and traditional bluegrass sounds all throughout it.

Leaving Is Believing” will have you tapping and finally agreeing at the end that leaving is believing. “Arkansas Island” has you immediately feeling like a little mesh of bluegrass and reggae which to me shows the thought that Ashby had put into these songs. “Paintball Gun” takes you through a little fun scenario of what happens when a guy cheats on his wife. “Make Your Mama Proud” is one of those feel-good songs that everyone loves and strives to do what our mamas would approve of. Another fun one that Ashby put together was “Your Face Again” which will probably be having a few people shaking their heads in agreement but overall, he shows some true hillbilly humor.

Throughout the whole Leaving Is Believing album, it is obvious that Ashby used all the experience and knowledge that he has gained and shared over the years to create this collection of songs. He has written songs for Dale Ann Bradley, Junior Sisk, Lindley Creek and many more. He has been filling in for groups like Lonesome River Band and The Earls of Leicester but currently he is playing mandolin with Mountain Heart. Now he has created an album with many well-known artists and vocalists that comes out February 10th, 2023. Make sure to check out the album booklet for all the awesome artists that were involved.

Frank mentioned that “we were able to include so many of my amazing musician friends, and they brought these songs to life in a way that couldn’t have imagined before. I am so excited share this album with everyone. I couldn’t be more proud of the entire project.”

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