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Artist Spotlight – November 2022

Lorraine Jordan – November Artist Spotlight

Years ago, in the town of Vanceboro, NC, a girl was born on August 2nd. Back in the day Vanceboro was known as a one-horse town with the feeling of a great sense of community. In 2010, the town still had only just over a thousand in population but is known for the Vanceboro Strawberry Festival that started in 2006. The town is located on the East Coast of North Carolina and is less than 50 miles from Atlantic Beach, although taking over an hour to drive it. As the girl grew older, she played the bass while attending West Craven High School and started singing years later. The bass was the choice of instrument solely on the fact of its sound. During her high school years, she also played in a band that played music that is now perceived as classic rock. Shortly after graduating from East Carolina University, she was introduced to bluegrass music. The first sound of bluegrass was that of Bill Monroe, often known as “Father of Bluegrass” and that was the point in her life when she decided to start learning how to play the mandolin. During the next few years, she filled in as a bass player for a local family bluegrass band, the Morris family. This is when she found not only the love of bluegrass music but experienced how true friendships come with it.

The lady I am speaking of is Lorraine Jordan, my November artist spotlight. As Lorraine began playing bluegrass with the Morris family, the shows and pickin’ sessions from Saturday nights provided many memorable times and opportunities. One very memorable moment was when she played with Mr. Ervin Rouse, the man who wrote Orange Blossom Special (which later became a single of Johnny Cash).

Over the years Lorraine has become known as both a musician and as a successful business owner. As a high school driving instructor, Lorraine also wanted to make and play music. To have the time, flexibility and overall freedom of creating and performing music in her life, she needed a career that would allow for it all. That is when the Jordan Driving School came alive and started the foundation of many years to come. With the change in career paths, Lorraine was able to start the Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road band in 1998 and has since entertained audiences in over 35 states and more than 10 countries.

After being successful in building her Driving School, she wanted to build something special and where friends and family could come enjoy a cup of coffee and music in one place. That is when Lorraine attended a course at Crimson Cup in Columbus, Ohio for a business to partner with in coffee. By the end of the course, she had even developed a drink of her own, Lorraine’s Mocha, a frozen drink with chocolate and caramel. This training course assisted Lorraine in opening her very own Coffee House that now provides a family atmosphere and live Bluegrass music every Friday night. During the last few years, the Bluegrass world, like the rest of the world, experienced everything coming to a halt. Lorraine felt blessed that her coffee house was able to air concerts of bluegrass music online for the world to enjoy at no charge. As Lorraine’s Coffee House and Music in Graner, NC has continued to expand, you are now able to order a sandwich along with your coffee while enjoying time with your friends/family and listening to great live bluegrass music. Make sure to check out the website and buy tickets for a show you can catch –

Throughout the years, Lorraine has had many people in Bluegrass that have inspired her. During the 1970’s, she spent a lot of time in Arlington, VA and was able to attend numerous shows by the Seldom Scene. Seldom Scene is an American Bluegrass Band that was formed in 1971 in Bethesda, Maryland. Lorraine always loved watching the original Seldom Scene because they knew how to entertain the crowds. She always found it interesting how Seldom Scene was able to bring in songs from other styles of music.

“Every year I have to carry my daughter’s birthday cake to a cornfield” is one thing Lorraine would love to hear her mom say again. Like most children, after a loss of a parent, they would do anything to have that extra chance to talk with them one more time. Lorraine’s mom was a huge supporter throughout all of her years. Lorraine would love to show off the band she has now, how successful her careers have been and to see how proud her mother would be of her. Along with the support of her mother, Lorraine’s father is a huge supporter and is often seen running her sales table or singing a song on stage with her. He has definitely become a fan favorite at the young age of 92.

As many of us, classic country has been a love of ours but has been joined with the love of bluegrass. As many fans have notice classic country slipping away, many of those have turned to bluegrass. Bluegrass has kept the backbone of music alive with the rich sounds, talented pick ’in and heart-touching stories that we all strive to keep near to our hearts. With many fans asking the Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road band to play those old-loved country songs, Lorraine decided to combine the two types of music on a recording. The Country Grass CD that they released in 2017 went over well and is now a huge part of their stage show. Working with John Anderson and Crystal Gayle on the record was a dream come true. Now working on Country Grass 2 CD, Lorraine has reached out to other country artists to record with Lorraine Jordan & Caroline Road.

With many of the original musicians and bands fading in time, Lorraine is an artist that has a strong feeling, desire to keep the traditional music alive and to continue to bring new traditional bands. The song ‘True Grass’ that was released in 2018 by Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road made a huge statement towards the preservation of bluegrass and staying true to the roots. What would bluegrass be without the traditional sounds of the fiddle, banjo, or dobro.

As you may imagine, juggling three major jobs can keep one very busy. For Lorraine, being organized and having the right people, you can depend on, is the key to being able to run multiple businesses. In the next five years, Lorraine is hoping to have a 2nd Country Grass CD out, a few more Carolina Road CDs and most of all, a little bit more of normalcies. Along with hoping to get more music out on CDs, Lorraine always looks forward to playing at festivals. One festival that is very special and dear to her heart is the Christmas in the Smokies festival, she looks forward to it every year (this year is Nov 15-17, 2022).

“Start with the basis and learn from the Legends” is one thing Lorraine would tell any new and upcoming artist. She would also tell them to play the melody of the song as much as you can. Something that is learned in the business is that what you do on stage is a SMALL PERCENTAGE of how much time you need to put into your music.

After numerous conversations and years of knowing Lorraine, it shows that a dream can come true if one keeps it alive, works hard and does not give up. I challenge all of you to continue chasing that dream you have and when it comes true, I hope that you would allow me to help share it with the world.

Fast Firing Fun Facts:

What is your favorite Holiday and why? Thanksgiving, it is relaxing and about family

Do you have a nickname? Folks sometimes call me L J

Do you have a pet-peeve? Folks that arrive too early – If I say 2pm, I prefer 2pm or 215pm, not 1pm.

What is your favorite drink? Iced Tea

What is your favorite type of vehicle? Jeep Grand Cherokee

Do you have a hobby outside of music? Love riding a motorcycle (750 Honda) for fun

What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream? Vanilla, sometimes I do vanilla with chocolate chips. I carry ice cream in the coffee house.

What is your favorite junk food? M & M’s

Do you have any pet(s) and what are their names? My mom passed and left me her two cats: Orange is a main coon, who is bigger than any dog I have owned, and Gray is a long-haired cat who sheds more than any dog I have owned.

What is your favorite book that you have read or author that you like to read? I like to read any history news

What is your favorite movie line? “Frankly Dear, I don’t give a damn” – a classic, ‘Gone with the Wind’

News or Upcoming news from artist:

Lorraine Jordan’s new single ‘A Little Bit of Bluegrass’, also title of the upcoming CD. The single was written by David Stewart.

NEW CD RELEASE PARTY – November 11, 2022

The new CD is going to be somewhat different than any other project they have done in the past. During the time of recording, there were a few changes within the band that allowed them to do some songs that they had not been able to do before. On some songs, you will notice the guitar featured more and that is due to the band being able to hire a new full-time guitar player. Lorraine’s favorite song on the CD is ‘Mamas Cross’.

New single – ‘A Little Bit of Bluegrass’

New Album – A Little Bit of Bluegrass

Record Label – Pinecastle Records

Website for artist, tour dates and/or merchandise:

Check out the artist/band website for all their new songs, tour dates and merchandise. The best way to support our local broadcasters and artists are through their sales – CDs, albums, shirts and etc. Let’s show our support – go check their website.