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Artist Spotlight – April 2023

Jeff Parker – April Artist Spotlight

When you hear about the city of Berea, KY, Berea College might come to mind. Founded in 1855, Berea College was one of the first interracial and coeducational colleges in the south. As Berea may be known for the college, you may have also heard that The Judds briefly lived there. Ashley and Wynonna Judd both attended school there in town. The small town is located south of Richmond, KY and Interstate 75. If you travel towards Richmond, you will come across Battlefield Park which is the site of the Battle of Richmond. This was the first major battle (fought Aug 29-30, 1862) in the Civil War’s Kentucky Campaign. The Battle of Richmond is remembered as one of the most complete victories for the confederacy side in the conflict.

For my April Artist Spotlight, I want to share something else about Berea that you may not know. Born on April 15th in Berea, KY, Jeff Parker started on a musical journey that he may not have been aware of at that time. Jeff started playing the mandolin when he was at the early age of six. He chose the mandolin not only for loving the sound of it but because it was also small. By the age of 12, Jeff found his voice and started singing. With the voice and instrument playing coming together that was the point of no return.

As he attended Madison Central High School, Jeff not only improved his musical talents, but he also started learning the skills of painting. If you haven’t guessed it or didn’t know by following him on Facebook, Jeff is also known as the Singing Painter. Along with the clients getting their houses painted, they could possibly hear a beautiful voice filling the air. Prior to singing at painting jobs, Jeff started singing with or for his family along with singing at church.

Jeff has become a successful career man as a musician along with a painter. It was easy to understand why Jeff saw his dad as the most inspirational person in his life. His dad is the one that taught him all those little tricks of the trade and the importance of great harmony. One of the biggest things that was instilled in Jeff was his hard work and dedication to his dreams. Jeff would love to be able to sit on a bench and tell his dad about all his success he has had over the many years.

Over the years Jeff has shared his talents on stage performing with The Lonesome River Band, Dailey & Vincent along with others prior to playing with Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers. Recently Jeff decided to branch out and share the 30+ years of music and talent as the leader of his own band. Jeff Parker and Company was formed and has already released a song that is so touching. ‘You Don’t Need To Be Improved’ not only gives you that top notch male voice that we all love and great instrumental blends but it also gives a much needed message today. I, personally, have always enjoyed watching Jeff perform – he not only has that unforgettable voice and mandolin skills, he will always have you leaving his shows with a laugh or two.

Fast Firing Fun Facts:

What is your favorite Holiday? Christmas

What state has been your favorite to do a concert/event in? Tennessee and New York

What is your favorite type of car? Mustang

What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream? Chocolate

What is your favorite junk food? Chips and sweets

Do you have any pet(s) and what are their names? Beagle dog named baby

What is your favorite book that you have read or author that you like to read?

Do you have a hobby outside of music and what is it? Fishing, hunting and junking

News or Upcoming news from artist:

New song ‘You Don’t Need to Be Improved’ off the new and upcoming album was released mid-March. The song was written by Mike Norris. It is a song that leaves you feeling good, not only by the message it gives but by the awesome mix of vocals and instruments. With such a successful first song out, I am so intrigued for the remaining songs. Make sure to follow Jeff Parker & Company on your social feeds and download ‘You Don’t Need To Be Improved’ from your streaming sources.

Record Company – 615 Hideaway Records

Name of the Album – stay tuned, perfection is not rushed.

Website for artist, tour dates and/or merchandise:

Check out the artist/band website for all their new songs, tour dates and merchandise. The best way to support our local broadcasters and artists are through their sales – CDs, albums, shirts and etc. Let’s show our support – go check out Jeff’s website at