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Album Release Spotlight – Larry Sparks

The album is out! The songs have all those great belongings of a Larry Sparks tune. The arrangement may not be as obvious at first, but it is definitely effective. If you love when new albums come out and love listening to Larry Sparks, then why haven’t you got the new album? Larry Sparks album titled “It’s Just Me” from Rebel Records is one you want for your collection.

Right from the start, Sparks gives you the song ‘Long Way to Denver’. It is that traditional style we all long for and the story of heart pain from a separation or distance in a relationship. After tugging on that little part of your heart or moment in your memories, the second song ‘Don’t Neglect the Rose’ has you listening to a song that makes you feel like you are listening to advice from a dad or grandfather on how to treat a loved one. ‘Sweetheart’ is a great song that describes one of those long-lasting loving marriages and love for a wife. Listening to it was as if I were sitting near Sparks while he was singing it to his wife.

Now that you have tapped into that loving part of your heart, Sparks gives you a cover song from the great Lefty Frizzell. ‘Mom and Dad’s Waltz’ is a wonderful rendition of the original song and creates that feeling of wanting to step on the dance floor and waltz away. As many well-known artists like Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard and James Taylor have covered the song ‘She Thinks I Still Care’ by George Jones, Sparks covered it in the same stripped-down style it was originally done.

‘Great High Mountain’ song is a great interpretation of how God will guide you as long as you Believe. It’s a perfect song to listen to when you need reminded that you are not alone or have to do it all by yourself. ‘How About You’ is another great gospel song that will have you singing along and inviting others to give their hearts to our Savior. Out of the gospel songs Sparks has on this album, I love the song ‘The Scarlet Red Lines’. This song is about the words spoken by Jesus in the Bible that are filled with guidance and help to all of us. The scarlet red lines are definitely the ones that are filled with devotion and the ones to pay attention to.

Not sure about you but I find myself sitting and remembering times with my friends and family often. It is those times that we all wish we could ‘Bring ‘em on Back’. This song is the fun and upbeat one that gives you the foot tapping, head bobbing and good ole memories. It is full of the good ole times about the great artists we all grew up listening to and learning from.

The song that is absolutely loved by many, including myself, is ‘Mama’s Apron Strings’. ‘Mama’s Apron Strings’ hit number one on Michelle Lee’s Bluegrass Borderline Weekly Top Ten Countdown on 4/23/23. This song absolutely makes you remember those times with your mom or grandma wearing that apron and having everything you ever needed at any time. If you didn’t have such an upbringing, you truly missed out on some good memories – in my opinion, of course! Think there is a need for more mama’s aprons in the world today.

While I discussed more of the story of the songs, I also touched quickly on the fact that the album had a special arrangement. “It’s Just Me” album was designed and produced with only Larry Sparks, on guitar, and his Son, Larry D Sparks, on base. The name of the album wraps it all up in just a few words. The album gives you the sense of knowing Larry more than before hearing the album, the rhythm and well-known guitar playing, and meaningful songs we all love from Larry Sparks.

Do yourself a favor and download the album where you stream your music or buy a physical CD from his website at