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Album Release Spotlight – Daniel Grindstaff

On May 17th, 2024, Daniel Grindstaff released an album titled “Heroes and Friends” and he hopes you have downloaded it and listened multiple times already. If you have not, make sure you do! I have been
excited about this album being released ever since the single “Forever Young” came out last year. “Heroes and Friends” is packed with some of the best musicians in the business. It gives you the best blend of lyric songs, stories, emotions and instrumentals.

The instrumentals throughout the album will have you smiling from enjoyment, feeling the need to grab your instrument to jam along but most of all, they will give you great energy and even the feeling to dance or tapping quickly if you are not a dancer. “Finnland”, “When You’re Smiling”, “Jesse James” and “Three Arrows” all have the perfect arrangement that allows the musicians to share what they do best. Within the four instrumentals, Daniel has Andy Leftwich and Doyle Lawson join him on two of them and I promise you, they are pretty amazing songs!

Forever Young – In the 80’s, “Forever Young” was a huge Rod Stewart hit which was a rewritten version of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” song. Daniel takes on the challenge and delivers a great version of this song. The vocals with Daniel and Paul Brewster and music were spot on but then Daniel put a little extra touch on the song by having Dolly Parton join in. The song is so well deserving of the charting that it experienced.

I’m Still Writing Your Name in the Sand – Have you ever had that love for someone that had left you and continue loving them? The vocal blend of Jimmy Fortune, Darrin Vincent and Rhonda Vincent truly delivers the emotions of the song.

Looking at the World Through a Windshield – Absolutely love this song. Such a fun song about a truck driver getting back to his girl. You will enjoy singing along with this one. Daniel had Trey Hensley and John Meador jump in on vocals with this song.

Colleen Malone – Daniel, Jeff Parker and Rickey Wasson deliver this heart-felt song in such a powerful way with their vocal mix. The song about visiting a loved one at their resting site after being away.

Child of the King – You will not be able to stop singing along with this smooth sounding Gospel song. Mike Rogers and Kevin Richardson both join Daniel on vocals with this great song. It is a wonderful song that reminds us how rich we are when we are a child of the King. Now, let me know if you made it through the song without singing!

My Last Old Dollar – Get ready to pick, this one is fun to sing along with and it is quick. Get your fiddle or mandolin ready for joining in. This one I can definitely see being played at jam session. Kevin Richardson and Shawn Lane joined their vocals with Daniel to tell the story of what happens when you
spend your last old dollar.

Make sure to head over to to purchase your physical copy of “Heroes and Friends” and read more about Daniel Grindstaff. Hopefully you will enjoy this album as much as I have.