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Artist Spotlight – January 2022

Nick Chandler – January Artist Spotlight

“If you ain’t first, you’re last” from Talladega Nights is a favorite movie line of Nick Chandler, of Nick Chandler and Delivered. After knowing Nick for years, this line is so fitting. Nick is a man that has lots of passion, desire and determination to give the best music he can for his fans. With Nick’s favorite line referencing to be first, I thought it was fitting for me to have Nick Chandler as my FIRST “Artist Spotlight of the Month”. So, join me as I share part of my latest conversations with Nick and get to know him a little better.

As a boy from Madison County, NC, Nick was born on June 18th. Nick started singing/playing music at the age of nine and then began writing in his 20’s. At an impressive age of 12, Nick started getting paid to share his talents. Like many teenagers, Nick was a member of the band for Madison High.

The mandolin was the choice for Nick simply because of its look and I must say, that was a great decision. The beautiful sound you hear when you catch the talented mandolin player live is the result of years of practice.

One of Nick’s most memorable moments was in 1984 when he played on stage with Kenny Baker (American fiddle player best known for 25 yrs. with Bill Monroe and his group The Blue Grass Boys). In 2021, Nick was able to cross a huge item off his bucket list when he played at The Station Inn under his own name Nick Chandler and Delivered.

The most inspirational person in Nick’s life is his brother Charles. Nick doesn’t go long without talking with Charles since he plays a big part of his life both musically and non-musically. With such a strong brotherly bond, it makes me wonder if this contributes to Nick being one of the most genuine and level-headed artists I know.

If you have ever pondered on what artist like to wear while doing all their travels – you won’t catch Nick in his nicely dressed show outfits, it is more like the comfy loose jeans or athletic pants. Wearing comfy clothes probably makes those quick stops for strawberry ice cream, his favorite, a little easier and manageable.

Prior to any show, it is not uncommon for Nick to arrive at the venue’s hours before showtime. Thinking this provides him comfort of traffic/bad weather, time to get a feel for the environment, or possibly the closest ice cream shop. By the time showtime comes, Nick Chandler and Delivered are on stage, looking good and playing awesome bluegrass music that will have you tapping your toes or wanting to dance.

Here is a bit of advice that Nick has for any up and coming artist – “Don’t be afraid to go at things from a different direction. For example, don’t be afraid to experiment with a song until you get it right. And practice as much as you can, both individually and as a band. You should be practicing before you go to band practice”.

If Nick was not blessed with his musical talents, he would have more or likely been a farmer. No matter what role Nick is in, there is no question that his wife Trudy is his fan, manager, and strongest supporter. Coming home after time on the road, Nick’s favorite moment is getting kisses and snuggles from his pug Penelope.

One of my favorite songs that Nick Chandler and Delivered has written and recorded is “Hello”. “Hello” has been on many Bluegrass charts, including my Bluegrass Borderline’s Top 10 Countdown where it was on the list 13 weeks with 3 weeks at Number 1. Catch them for a show when they are at place near you and you may hear great songs like Hello (2021), If You Were My Tomorrow (2018), Paper Rosie (2018), Two Timer (2020) or Slowly Getting You Out of the Way (2021).

If you haven’t heard yet, Nick Chandler and Delivered will be returning to the stage for the first time in months on Jan 28th 2022 at SPBGMA (Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America). Nick expressed, “I am so excited for our comeback show to be SPBGMA. It is such an honor to play the main stage and we can’t wait to be back!”.

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