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Album Release Spotlight – Sister Sadie

January 26, 2024, is a day that the members of Sister Sadie will remember for a while. That was the day they released a new album under their new band arrangement as Sister Sadie. The new arrangement has brought a whole new look and sound to the 3-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year and 2020 IBMA Entertainer of the Year. Sister Sadie’s new album titled “No Fear” has definitely raised the bar again with the tight harmonies and outstanding talent on instruments. The album has multiple songs written by band members along with multiple lead singers throughout the album. The harmonization throughout the album is simply amazing!


Lead vocals – Jaelee Roberts. The song has that great rich sound you expect and those occasional notes that distinguish Jaelee from others. Strong banjo and fiddle playing throughout the song. Willow was written by Ashley McBryde which has made the comment, “Deanie and the girls tore it UP and gave it the best life a song can have.”

If We Ain’t Drinking Then We’re Fighting

Lead vocals – Jaelee Roberts. It has a deep rich sound that glides you through how some relationships end up. Fun bluesy bluegrass song with great fiddling.

Blue as My Broken Heart

Lead vocals – Dani Flowers. Again, the harmonizing on this song is so SMOOOOOOTH! Although the song is regarding a “gloomy” mood, the melody is so relaxing and catchy. It is one that will linger in your mind.

Baby You’re Gone

Lead vocals – Gena Britt. Gena showcases her strong vocals on this song about the absence of a loved one. Love the fiddle and banjo solos in this song. The mandolin is a great representation of how one keeps powering through life.

Mississippi River Long

Lead vocals – Maddie Dalton, 2023 IBMA Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year which showcases another strong instrument of hers, her voice. Beautiful song of how much one loves another.

Pad Thai Karaoke

Written by Gena Britt. It is a great demonstration of why Gena Britt has been SPBGMA Banjo Player of the Year.


Written by and Lead vocals Dani Flowers. The song is about falling in love and being hopeful that the person you’re falling for will be careful with your heart. The slow fiddle sound slowly takes you into a steady flood of how one’s emotions can be a strong force!

Lie To Me

Lead vocals – Jaelee Roberts. Another great song that highlights Jaelee’s voice that just had her Grand Ole Opry debut.


Lead vocals – Jaelee Roberts. Awesome harmony throughout the song about a mistress’s message to the man’s wife. Great song that shines on the groups’ ability both instrumentally and vocally. Having only vocals in the beginning and towards the end of the song was brilliant and powerful!


Lead vocals – Dani Flowers. Dani’s voice truly shines in the singing of the word “Free” and makes you feel the freedom that the person is experiencing during the change in their life.


Lead vocals – Gena Britt. Written by Becky Buller and Craig Market. Energetic song that has you singing along and tapping your toes. The song is about the difficult decision on whether you should stay in the relationship or not. Truly one of my favorites.

One’s Real Life

Lead vocals – written by Jaelee Roberts. Classic Jaelee sounding song that takes you through a breakup and describing the difference between a photo and real life.

Ode To Ozark

Lead vocals– Ashley McBryde. Written by Marcus Hummon, Kat Higgins, and Ashley McBryde.

Strong sound, little deeper tone than the normal Sister Sadie style but you will like it.

Congratulations to Sister Sadie on another great album release. Make sure to check it out wherever you stream your music and download the album. As the couple singles they have already released (Willow, Well, Diane and Cannonball) have been successful, you won’t be disappointed with the all the other songs on the “No Fear” album.


Gena Britt – Banjo and Vocals

Deanie Richardson – Fiddle

Jaelee Roberts – Guitar and Vocals

Danie Flowers – Guitar and Vocals

Maddie Dalton – Bass and Vocals