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Album Release Spotlight – Deano Graham

Back at the end of June, Deano Graham released a new EP with five songs titled Grassville. If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest searching on the platform that you listen to music and give it a listen.

Throughout Grassville you hear the beautiful blend of all the instruments and voices. Deano’s voice is so soothing, or if I may say, comforting throughout the EP. The strong harmonies from Victoria Burchfield and Shelly Wilson accompany the well-crafted lyrics. I really enjoyed how the mandolin shined through on a few of the songs and gave that extra touch. The Grassville EP is definitely for that person that enjoys both country and bluegrass, I can see these songs being played and enjoyed in both genres.

Let me share with you my short review per song of the EP:

1 – Three Thousand Miles – great driving tempo with the perfect story of how one feels when they are driving towards the special loved one. By the end, you may still be puzzled about if he is actually singing about a person or the actual state of Caroline. Listen to it and let me know! Fun fact: from Modesto, CA to the Outer Banks of Carolina, it is 3,009 miles.

2 – Happy Anywhere – the tempo will keep you right on track with that driving or even walking pace but there is one thing for sure, it will make you think of who that special person is in your life that makes you happy and smiling anywhere you are. It is amazing that this song was written after having that favorite conversation of all couples, “where are we going to go eat?”

3 – Mountains Are the Reason– fiddle starts you off to a great song that truly shares the love of the mountains to all. As I listened to it, I found it as a song that is about restarting your soul after a losing that loving feeling or a breakup, but I guess you can also see it as maybe someone actually leaving a girl for mountains. Going to have to leave this one up to you as well! The fiddle makes this song even better.

4 – I Want to Grow Old With You – honestly, I can’t get the version of ‘I Wanna Grow Old With You’ by Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer out of my head but this version definitely gives you the same lasting feeling of loving someone with the ultimate devotion, even it all started with rings from a pawn shop. The tone of the song is a little lower than the first three songs, but it is consistent with the strong love theme. The mandolin touch gives it a dreamy feel. You can catch the Official Video on his YouTube channel – even has “vintage clips” from his own wedding in 1987.

5 – He Made You for Me – the blend of his ministry and bluegrass is brilliant on this song. It gives a list of many important things created by God along with the important things made for each person. Deano and Donna Ulisse definitely wrote a beautiful song.

Musicians: Shaun Richardson (acoustic guitar), Andy Leftwich (fiddle & mandolin), Wanda Vick Burchfield (banjo & dobro), Mark Burchfield (Upright Bass).

Make sure to check out Deano Graham’s new album, Grassville, wherever you stream your music or head over to his website,, and order a hard copy.