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Album Release Spotlight – The Kody Norris Show

The two-time SPBGMA Entertainer of the Year (2022 and 2023), The Kody Norris Show, has released an album titled Rhinestone Revival and it definitely has the shine of their stage presence all the way through. The album is full of energy and keeps your attention from start to finish.

Rhinestone Revival is comprised of stories about love, long drives and history. “Mountain Rosalie” and “I Call Her Sunshine” are great songs about a boy that finds himself smiting over a beautiful girl, loving everything about her, thinking she is “the one” but yet not aware of her name. From these two stories, the song “Please Tell Me Why” takes you through the other side of a relationship, the one where someone is wondering why the relationship ended.

It is evident that Kody Norris loves his country life and standards of living through the songs, “Baltimore I’M Leaving“, “Petals In The Fall” and “My Home in Virginia”. These three songs will help give you that visual and connection of southern people and their homes. If you live in the south and you are a cowboy, then take a little advice from the fun song “Let All The Girls Know You’re A Cowboy.

You can tell that The Kody Norris Show spends time on the road like any other band. Three of the songs on the album give you different views of what a person may see or feel while on the road. One song, “Endless Highway”, shares the emotion that we all have probably felt once or twice in our lifetime of driving back to our loved one. “Looking At The World Through A Windshield” is definitely that fast-paced type of driving song that will keep you singing and tapping along during your drive. I dare you to listen to it while you drive and just see if you don’t end up with the same feeling. The third song, maybe not on an actual road but deals with heading towards something, “Gotta Get My Baby Back” is another fast one for your liking. It will absolutely have you dancing to the story of a man desperately needing to get back to his baby.

The final two songs that I haven’t touched on are “Fiddler’s Rock” and “Otto Wood”. While one is written by Kody Norris and the other is written by Walter Smith, Jr, the stories are told in an excellent way. “Fiddler’s Rock” is about a haunted mountain top and a ghost Martin Stone and “Otto Wood” is a fun story about a Depression-era desperado. The Kody Norris Show personally had me on google finding out more about these stories.

Throughout the entire album, the arrangements and transitions of the instrumental sounds were spot on. They stayed true to the sounds of authentic Americana. Big credit goes out to the producing, recording, mixing and mastering of the album team of Darin Aldridge and Van Atkins at The Shop Studio.

Kody Norris gives you his strong vocal and guitar sounds. Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris shines throughout the album with the awesome fiddle and mandolin playing along with her beautiful lead and harmony vocals. On numerous songs you will hear Josiah Tyree on banjo and vocals along with the steading sounds of the bass played by Charlie Lowman. On a few songs you will hear vocals from Darin and Brooke Aldridge. Other guests consist of Jason Barie, harmony fiddle, Tony Creasman with percussion and David Johnson playing harmonica.