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Album Release Spotlight – Billy Swinson

Most of us have heard the saying “grass is greener on the other side” but have you heard about the new album out titled, “Greener Grass”? The title cut track “Greener Grass” of  Billy Swinson’s new album is definitely a different way of taking the saying. The line “wish the grass was greener on the meaner side of you” really makes you pay attention to the story being told. As the first song on the album, it definitely has all the makings of a great bluegrass song – love, breaking heart, and someone getting even with another. The album Greener Grass was originally meant for a band name but I think the song will make just as much of a statement.

From the powerful first song, Billy’s second song on the album tells you a story about how it is like riding out powerful storms and “Damned Ole Hurricanes” in North Carolina and Florida. The periodic chaos within the instrumental arrangements give you the sense of how every moment can be unpredictable during a storm.

“Blame it on Me’” is a great tempo song that was written in the manner of making ease at some of those crazy situations that we find ourselves in now-a-days, whether it is from a simple complication that you caused to that frustrating inflation/higher gas prices.

Deeper than the Sea” is the heartwarming song that we can all relate to. It takes you through that hard time of losing someone close to you and how the littlest things can open the flood gates of memories and missing them all over. The song then shares with us how our idea of the shade of blue, that is deeper than the sea, can actually be turned into a sense of peace through our Lord.

“CPR” is exactly what you initially thought, it has the consistent beat that you would have while performing CPR along with highlighting each team-members (band member/instrument) effort. Although this instrumental is a little longer than normal, the end of it is a complete celebration of all the successful hard work done through performing CPR.

The first single released from this album was “Pieces”. ‘Pieces’ is a love song that talks about how relationships may fall to pieces, but they are also built piece by piece. “Lonesome Day” was a song that Billy decided to add and attack since it was one of those songs that his dad tried to conquer back in the 80’s. Billy did a good job at bringing a little touch of blues to this traditional bluegrass song.

Billy’s Bounce” is another instrumental piece that will have you literally bouncing in your seat and humming in your head. The changes between instruments are smooth. Following this upbeat song, Billy covers a song from one of his favorite groups, Jim & Jesse. “Are You Missing Me” is a song that holds many memories for Billy and will always be the root of his music.

The final song, “Thank You Dear Lord”, on the album is a song that Billy wrote years ago and is very passionate in the message. If it wasn’t for Him, we wouldn’t have what we have. It is a catchy song and will have you singing thanks by the end.

All the connections Billy has made through bluegrass over the years has guided him too somewhat where he is today. He feels very blessed that he has been able to help with local charities and that this album has provided another way to give back a little to the bluegrass community that he loves.

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